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About Us

Hi there. I’m James Thomas. I created a weight graph for myself a few years back, and when my friends saw it, they all wanted one. Frank Pernicano jokingly suggested “Skinnyr” as a name to poke fun at the web 2.0 craze, and whattaya know? It was available.

I built the first version of the website with Chris Casper in about 6 hours one weekend. The site did pretty decent initially. We received a little press coverage from a then-smalltime site called Mashable and gained a few users.

It wasn’t until Allen Stern of CenterNetworks fame used us in a fat-off challenge that we started taking off. We got all the way up to 1600 users before I decided this was for real, and we needed a redesign.

After that release, we were declared dead by TechCrunch. (Thanks Duncan.) That was at 1700 users. See the footer of this website to see how many we have now. Needless to say we’ve grown a little.

To reflect the new growth, I’ve redone the graphing page with more information and a more complex graph. Also, the site will now be managed under the JimmyLA LLC brand, in an effort to consolidate my projects.

Over the years I’ve re-programmed the site from the ground up, with the most recent being in the summer of 2008. This time the design and build were all mine.

In 2009, we partnered with BodyTrace, Inc. as they were preparing to release the eScale, a net-connected scale that uploads your weight. A few dotted Ts and crossed eyes later, we connected BodyTrace’s system with Skinnyr. Now, if you have your account linked, Skinnyr is updated as soon as you step off of your eScale. Sweeeeet.

I’ve poured a lot of time into Skinnyr, so thank you for checking it out!

Press / Mentions

  • Mashable - 1 - 2
  • CenterNetworks - 1 - 2 - 3
  • TechCrunch - 1 - 2
  • LockerGnome - 1
  • TechFold - 1
  • KillerStartups - 1
  • AppSafari - 1

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