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Track your weight with a free graph. Gear up with Skinnyr today!

Watching your weight has never been easier.

“Woah!”, you exclaimed. “Skinnyr has changed!”

Good eye, kid. Skinnyr has been revamped. A whole plethora of features has been added. Goal weight, trend line, a monthly average graph, an API, an iPhone web app, and a few other features.

Other than that, skinnyr is the same cool weight-tracking graph site that it’s always been. Use it to monitor your weight while dieting (or trying to gain), and be aware of your choices.

Also, don’t forget about Weight Blurr for all yall shy people out there. Weight Blurr hides your true weight from prying eyes, should you decide to post your graph on your blog, myspace, or website.

So that’s it. Free graph. Come and get it.

What we would say we do here.