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Only username, password and email are required. You can also enter in your weight now to get your graph started. Don't worry about spam, I hate it too, and I'm not gonna send mass mail. I'm only using email for the "lost password" feature.

Body Info

Nothin required here, this is just cool stuff used to calculate your body mass index (We can tell you exactly how fat you are with this info).

Weight Blurr

What is Weight Blurr? When weight blurr is enabled, it hides your true weight from outsiders. I understand that you may not want the world to know your exact weight, which is why I created this.

How does it work? Glad you asked! It simply takes the start weight you enter below and marks it as your starting point. Every entry then shows as a loss or a gain relative to your start weight. It's so simple, a caveman could do it. (And now, many of my competitors have!)

Your start weight is how much you weighed when you began tracking your weight. Your current weight will be used to show your progress in relation to this weight.