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Got a skinnyr addiction? Get your fix anywhere with a skinnyr tool.

Browser Tools


To add a record, click on the link above. If you would like to make it super-duper easy (I don’t know about you, but I'm fat because I'm lazy...) then you can bookmark the link above. Then, to add a record, all you have to do is click the bookmark.

If you use a modern web browser (and you should!), you can simply click the link and drag it to your bookmarks toolbar. Please keep in mind that if you change your password, this link will stop working as a bookmark and you will have to re-bookmark it!

Mobile Tools

skinnyr mobile iphone web app

Android App

Have an Android phone? You can now track your weight on the go! The Skinnyr app is now availible on the android marketplace.

Apple iPhone® Web App

Skinnyr has officially gone mobile. Use skinnyr mobile to manage your weight records and view your graph. Simply point your iphone to and skinnyr will do the rest!

Also, don’t forget to hit the plus icon (+) at the bottom of your iphone screen and click “Add To My Homescreen”. This will add a skinnyr icon to your iphone so that getting to your skinnyr account will be just one touch away. See ya there!

Weight Log for Palm Pre (unofficial)

Weight Log was created for the Palm Pre. Supports syncing with premium and free Skinnyr accounts.